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Dreaming BIG : Purpose

This week is all about purpose. I can remember, about nine months ago, realizing my own purpose. Nine months ago, and to this day, my purpose is to inspire millions of children worldwide. I want children to realize that they can be and do anything they want in life, regardless of their upbringing, as long as they believe they can. Enough about me, lets talk about YOUR purpose.

*this is where you might want to take out a piece of paper and pen :)

When looking at purpose there are many pieces that could be dissected, but we’ll look at three; micro level purpose, macro level purpose and service. Micro level purpose sheds light about your core values and how you live by them, even when the “tough gets going”. For example, my core values (and have been for a long time) are honesty, humbleness, and being grateful.

What are your values that you live by even during a tough situation?

Now, macro level purpose is a little different. Rather then looking at core values that micro level purpose is interested in, your macro level purpose is interested in the reason you wake up in the morning, your passion, the “big picture”, your “ultimate goal”, even if that means going against what people might say.

Now, what is your “ultimate goal” or the reason you wake up in the morning?

You have written your thoughts on your micro and macro purpose but there is one little piece of purpose missing. You’ve got your values, you have looked at your passion, it is time to integrate your service to the equation. Remember that service is about giving and not getting.

How do you help yourself, by helping other people?

Here is a little equation to remember:

Values + Passion + Service = Your Purpose

Now, I know that there are many other aspects of purpose that can be added to the equation, these are the three that I looked at to find my own purpose. Begin to write and start thinking of your Purpose! I’d love to hear what you’ve written down, if you would like, feel free to contact me at !

Be Honest, Be Humble, Be Grateful,

and always remember to Dream BIG,

Jorey Tessier

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