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Dreaming BIG with: Chantal Melanson

We all have those friends or family members that we don’t talk to on a regular basis, but when you do end up talking it is like you just talked with them yesterday. If there is one thing I truly love about the friendships I currently have is that there is no holding grudges, no frustration or anger. What’s the reason for this? My answer; being aware. This week I will be talking about my Aunt, my friend and the editor of Dream BIG herself, Chantal Melanson.

Awareness has played a huge role in my self growth throughout the last two years, a role that Chantal has surely encouraged. Living more than 8 hours away from each other could have restrained our Aunt and Nephew relationship, but that definitely was not the case. My Aunt Chantal is definitely the most selfless person I know. Being an English teacher, Chantal would always want to know the latest books I was reading followed by a conversation about the characters and plot which led to talking about another book. My aunt was, and still is very aware that we lead two very different lives, yet that does not stop her from having a relationship with me.

Is it that simple? Can we truly not hold grudges, not be angry or frustrated in every relationship we have? The answer is simple: It is up to you! I took my aunts awareness and simply applied it to my life. Being Aware, and knowing (and believing) that people truly do live different lives and not taking their silence as ignorance has truly shifted the way I think about every relationship I have. Think about it, how much better would any of your relationships be if you did not take anything personally? and appreciate that the other person in the relationship also thinks the same way.

There is an important lesson here. If you value any relationship you will not mistaken someones silence for ignorance. Chantal has definitely aided in the process of becoming more aware within the relationships I currently have. Start examining the relationships you currently have. Can grudges, frustration or anger be mitigated by being aware?

Be Honest, Be Humble, Be Grateful,

and always remember to Dream BIG,

Jorey Tessier

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