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Dreaming BIG: From a Mother to her Son

Like I said before we are changing things up! Here's a little blog post my Mother had to say about me and Dream BIG!

"Being a mother is not about what you gave up to have a child, but what you've gained from having one"

From early on I knew Jorey would be "my challenge". Standing on the bookshelf looking at me and laughing while he threw all the books on the floor ... no matter how many times I said no. A child of perseverance.

Fast forward to the teen years and a saying on his wall in his bedroom was "Never Give Up". Now 22 years later as he begins his adult journey of life he continues to teach me. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. I believe children are lent to us; not only for us to teach them, but for them to teach us.

Jorey has taught me a lot. Honesty comes to mind...I'm pretty sure he was about seven on a trip home from his grandparents house when you asked "Is Santa for real Mom?" My heart kinda sunk at that moment not wanting the "magic" of the season to be gone, but I responded with a question (even though I've tried to teach him not to answer a question with a question) "What do you think Jorey?" Of course he said no...and then came the next question "Is the Easter bunny real"..."What do you think Jor"..."no" was his answer again. I'm sure at some point in our conversation I thought twice about the truth to try and hold onto his youth,but at the same time he taught me that by being honest; I would also be trustworthy with any other questions you may have


except for when I washed your iPod...I love you Jorey!

You are an inspiration my son, with so many amazing qualities. I'm so blessed to be your Mom.

Love Mom


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