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Dream Big and Take Action

"Nothing is going to happen if you just sit there and wait. Don’t expect anything to be freely given to you. If you really want something: work for it. Even if you don’t know what you want, give whatever you are presently doing your all. Every day and every job is important. Learn to serve others like you long to be served, so you won’t have to look back and ponder how you could have treated someone better. Take your struggles and mold them to your benefit. If you feel alone, surround yourself in an idea or in your future plans so you can enjoy what you’ve created once you’ve found unity. If you haven’t found it yet, keep searching. Stay true to your dreams, and remember: only through action your dreams can become reality.” This was a note that I had written to myself and taped on my bedside dresser during my first year of university to help me get through the overwhelming and doubtful moments of being a student. I had no idea where my education would take me and struggled at times to find meaning in my classes. If someone went back and told my lost 18-year-old self that I would be traveling alone to another country to teach in Italian Elementary and High schools, I would have never believed them. Teaching abroad was something that I always dreamt of doing, but I never really thought that the opportunity would arise. These past four years I have learnt that when you write down your goals and surround yourself with inspired and motivated individuals, anything is possible. Opportunities are provided to you when you willingly go out and look for them yourself. Going to school and getting an education is important, but determination and a desire to work and help others is what will allow your dreams to unfold.

A couple of months before going to Italy I wrote my goal, or in this case, my dream was to teach in another country. Jorey's dream of getting others to DREAM BIG helped me follow and pursue a dream of my own.


"if you really want something: work for it" - Katherine had an action plan, took those steps, and believed that she could go to Italy and teach. Believing in yourself is one thing, but taking action to do what makes you happy is what Dream BIG is all about! Katherine is now back from Italy. She's now working on her next goal of releasing her new album. See what she's up to and head over to her Facebook page Kats Acoustic

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