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Dreaming BIG with a Dream Book

You all know that "Dream Big: The Power Within" is coming soon (5-6 weeks soon). On top of a children's book, a series of books that is, I have been working on other projects. A project in particular is one that is featured in the Dream Big Series, The Dream Book.

What is a "Dream Book"

A Dream Book is a book where children will be able to gather their thoughts, feelings and emotions in a creative way. Whether they want to write, draw or colour, there will be no limitations to the child's creativity in The Dream Book.

What age group is this "Dream Book" targeted for?

Since there "has to" be a target market I'd have to say 6-10. It is so much more than a "target market" though... I'm sure there will be adults printing out their own Dream Book and being just as creative as children.

What Type of questions should I expect?

There are over a million questions I could ask that could allow you to think about everything positive in your life, which is the plan. One of the Dream Book's main purpose is for kids to start "Dreaming Big". By doing so, they need to start looking at all of the positive in their life, and how they too are unique bundles of pure awesome (because they truly are) and are capable of anything as long as they set their mind to it. Below are little snippets of what to expect in the Dream Book.

I am beyond excited to introduce this small part of "Dream Big". The initial download will give you 25 pages and just when you think it is over, it has just begun. The plan is to release a new page of the Dream Book every two weeks until the next book in the series comes out!

I will keep you ALL posted on the EXACT date of release, book launches and events!

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