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Dreaming BIG with: Ann Huke - a.k.a Mom

Writing a post about your mom can be very tricky. Do I go for the heartfelt moments we shared together, do I mention the lessons that she taught me, or do I simply write about how badass she is? Then I thought to myself “regardless what I write, she will still end up crying, calling me, telling me how much she loves me, and how proud she is of me”.

You see, after high school I decided to “do my own thing”. I spent two years of my life trying to fill a void that (at the time) was so important to me and without filling the void I couldn’t move on. During that time my mother and I did not have the greatest of relationships, but that didn’t stop her from loving me. The phone calls, emails, text messages telling me how much she missed me, but I refused to answer. Yet just when you think your world is falling a part, it’s slowly coming together.

The past two years have been one crazy, exciting, emotional roller coster ride. Not only have I made new friends, reconnected with old ones (people that I now call family) I’ve reconnected with my mother. She’s been my biggest fan and support with anything I do. “Mom, I want to do art classes” she put me in art classes. “Mom, I want to start acting” she drove to Toronto every Saturday for a year. “Mom, I want to travel to Ecuador on a mission trip” helped me fundraise and paid for half of my trip.

It’s now almost been a year where I came up to my mother and said “I think I want to write a book, a series of books actually…” I went on about what each book would look like, how I would finish the series, and bring in my own creative spin to it. I can still remember my mom saying “I think that’s a great idea, of course you can do it”.

I have learned thousands of lessons from my mother, but if I could mention the most important one would be unconditional belief. To believe in someone regardless if they have “burned” you has been a very important lesson that I try to implement in my everyday life. How I see it is that you can believe in someone or you can not believe in someone. Believing in someone breads positivity while not believe in someone may lead to bring you negativity. Why waste time in being negative towards someone, why not choose to believe in someone? You may be that push or hope they need to achieve their own personal dream! My mom always kept a positive mind with regards to our relationship, which has led me to adopt that mindset and live a more positive life!

Be Honest, Be Humble, Be Grateful,

and always remember to Dream BIG,

Jorey Tessier

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